A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress


I’ve just made a new plugin available (on github) that I’ve been working on to allow you to add and manage job listings on your WP site. It’s name; WP Job Manager.


One of the shortcode options for job display
One of the shortcode options for job display
  • Allows admin to create job listings
  • Frontend submission form supporting guests and registered users
  • Jobs can be set to expire after X days
  • Ajaxified job listing shortcode with search, filters and pagination
  • “Overview” shortcode
  • Widgets for showing jobs in your sidebar
  • Jobs can be ‘applied’ for via a munged email address or a given URL (revealed on click)
  • (should) work with any theme given some style love
  • Manage jobs from admin, including approving jobs if required
  • Employer dashboard for marking jobs filled or ending listings early
  • RSS feeds for the currently viewed search

Read on for a more in-depth look at what this baby can do.

The job ‘archive’

Added to a page via the [jobs] shortcode, the jobs archives are fully ajaxified with filters, search and RSS links.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 20.35.44

The job submission process

As well as letting you manually add jobs, the plugin also has a neat frontend submission process for guests (or registered users) to create and manage their own listings. This can be added to any page with the [submit_job_form] shortcode.


As well as the usual job fields (title, location etc) there is a section for the company to add their details to the listing as well:

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 18.46.24

After submission you can preview your job listing before going to to submit it as final.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 20.13.23

Approved listings are visible just like posts, which some extra content inserted automatically before and after the content (looks like the preview above!).

Employer Job Dashboard

Added using the [job_dashboard] shortcode, the job dashboard is for logged in users only and lists their active jobs. The employer can mark a job filled, edit, and delete their listings.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 20.55.04


The plugin will be kept on Github for the time being until deemed 100% ready for WordPress.org (and to ensure there aren’t many bugs to feed the rating trolls). Enjoy!

WP Job Manager on Github





148 responses to “A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress”

  1. alexdigital avatar

    Hi Mike,

    Love the plugin! Is there a way to link the apply button through to the URL specified in Job listing? Keep up the great work!

  2. Mando avatar

    Hi Mike, for the simple payment plug in, will it support multiple posting packages in the near future? For example, I would like to set up posting credits. Package 1 will have 1 post, Package 2 will have 5 posts, Package 3 will have 10 posts, etc etc. The user can purchase posting credits in bulk.


    1. mikejolley avatar

      This is something I’m building into the WooCommerce integration.

  3. Goktug Gedik avatar

    Hi Mike, great plugin! Easy and quick, very flexible. Thanks!

    But I couldn’t find how to change the language. I can create the .PO file, but where should I pick the correct language in settings?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Nothing to do with settings – you need to update the config file http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language

  4. Designer First avatar

    Hi Mike,

    Great plugin and thank you for keeping it updated!! I just wanted to know if there was a way for me to change the default url from …job/ to …jobs/?


  5. sally avatar

    Thanks this is a great plugin. I wondered if it is possible to remove certain fields like ‘company website’ when you are adding a job listing? My client doesn’t want this field so I’d like to either remove it or hide it.

  6. Aman avatar

    Hi Mike! Awesome plugin, fulfills all my requirements!
    However, my listings are getting displayed in a random order. How to fix it??

  7. Dev Abhi avatar
    Dev Abhi

    Is this plugin responsive?

  8. Souz2000 avatar

    With your plugin employer can post jobs, and whether the applicants are placed in the same way their resume?

  9. bikermunda avatar

    Does anyone tried this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/ to auto post your jobs across different social networks

    1. DPTRAX avatar

      Yes, I am currently using it. It autoposts any job listing to your social media

  10. philwillson avatar

    Hi Mike!

    I was directed over to you to leave a comment re: the resume upload feature you’re building for WP Job Manager.

    As a recruiter, my primary interest in the resume feature is to search through resumes uploaded by jobseekers (both jobseekers who apply, and jobseekers who post resumes with the intent of being found in the database), store and comment on the resumes that are interesting, receive alerts when new resumes are uploaded that match my saved search string, and download resumes to my computer.

    The ideal would be allow users to upload their own resumes in native format (word, pdf, etc), and that document would become searchable as a full text document, viewable in a preview window when a recruiter wants to see more detail about a candidate, and downloadable when a recruiter decides to create a printed copy.

    The search should be roughly the same as the current job search, with the candidates’ locations viewable on a map.

    Thanks for considering my vote in your decisions about feature set for the add-on!

  11. Nick avatar

    Hi, Most people would search for a job by location. This seems to be an area you have missed out on. You do have an add on: WP Job Manager – Predefined Regions – which to me looks like you have to manually enter every location.

    Major problem, one I have previously used I could add every location to a select list which was much easier.

    This is one of the reasons I have been put off using the plugin.

    1. mikejolley avatar

      I didn’t make predefined regions, however, you said in a previous one you had to add locations to a select list – how is this any different to pre-defining them?

      The core plugin has location search but its text based. I.e. users can input what they want to any degree of accuracy.

  12. devna avatar

    Hello Mike,
    I’m using “job manager” plugin and I have a problem with email job.
    There are no attached files when managers received email from candidate.
    Is it possible for you to upgrade your plugin in this way please ?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Maybe you are confusing plugins? The application button uses just a mailto link and any email is sent via the user’s mail client 😉

  13. Alex avatar

    Hi Mike

    Great plugin. What’s the best way to manage the various applications and store their data for future use? I.e. so I can search through old applications for new jobs?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Applications in Job Manager are done via email or a website link – applications are not stored.

  14. Phil May avatar
    Phil May

    Amazing plugin. I need to ask about possible functionality. I have a business directory website i made in wordpress. I can see how this would be great for them to list job openings! However i am looking also for the exact reverse of this plugin, maybe your plugin will do it? What i need is a way for a USER to submit a job request to the BUSINESS. I know this sounds backwards but ill explain. User needs a house painter. User fills out a form like this (just an example): “location of work to be done” + “distance in miles from user location” + “category of work (hose painter etc)” + “description of job needing to be performed”. When this form is submitted, it should then be sent to all “House Painters (defined as the business listing category)” within the targeted location defined in the form. business accounts can then respond to the request and provide a quote to the user for the price to complete the requested job.

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Sounds like quite a bit of custom work there – I’d recommend a custom solution rather than hacking a plugin.

  15. adrienpepin avatar


    Thanks for this plugin, it’s really good!
    A little question about RSS feed generation : how can I do to custom the RSS feed ? (for exemple, I want to display “Job title + Job company”, not only “Job title”)

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    1. mikejolley avatar

      You’ll need to delve into wordpress rss feeds + filters – this just piggybacks on wordpress’ system.

  16. investa avatar

    Fabulous plugin, is it possible to add additional job listing data such as salary, qualifications required, deadline date etc?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      You can add new fields via hooks, although to keep it simple you may just want to encourage the use of the ‘description’ field.

      1. Investa avatar

        You’ve got me sussed – simple is definitely my level, so I shall use the description box as suggested. I would like to order the jobs by application deadline date – would hooks be the thing I need to read up on to accomplish that?

      2. mikejolley avatar

        You’d need to add a field for that. Start here: https://github.com/mikejolley/WP-Job-Manager/wiki/Editing-Job-Submission-Fields

        A user-defined deadline date addon is on my radar FYI.

  17. Danny Cheeseman avatar
    Danny Cheeseman

    Hi, Great looking plugin!

    Will CV uploads be a possible feature?


    1. mikejolley avatar

      Not for now – to keep things simple this has mail/website links. There is a third party gravity form addon on wordpress.org.

  18. daryl avatar

    1. The image for website is blocking some text when previewing.
    2. How can I see the whole list as a page?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Sounds like you may need to add some CSS if your theme CSS is making things overlap..anyhow, this isn’t the place to get support.


  19. mikejolley avatar

    On my list.

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