WP Job Manager Add-ons

Plugins which extend the WP Job Manager plugin to provide extra functionality.

  • resume-small

    $39 Resume Manager

    Resume Manager is a paid plugin for WP Job Manager 1.6+ which adds a resume submission form to your site and resume listings, all manageable from WordPress admin.

  • wc_paid_small

    $39 WC Paid Listings

    Paid listing functionality powered by WooCommerce. Create custom job packages which can be purchased or redeemed during job submission. Requires WooCommerce 2.0+

  • indeed

    $39 Indeed Integration

    Backfill your job board from Indeed and export jobs to Indeed via XML. Query and display sponsored results alongside your own jobs, or list Indeed jobs via shortcodes.

  • job_alerts_icon

    $29 Job Alerts

    Allow registered users to save their job searches and create alerts which send new jobs via email daily, weekly or fortnightly.

  • application-deadline

    $19 Application Deadline

    Allow job listers to set a closing date via a new field on the job submission form.

  • simple_paid_listings

    $29 Simple Paid Listings

    Add paid listing functionality. Set a price per listing and take payment via Stripe or PayPal before the listing becomes published.

  • tag_icon

    $19 Job Tags

    Tag jobs with required skills, interests & technologies, show jobs by tag using shortcodes, and add tag filtering to the main jobs shortcode.

  • 5412191F-2102-4C56-82B4-B03B9715FEBD 3rd Party

    $29 Custom Fields

    Allows you to add custom fields to the admin and frontend job submission forms. Creates a shortcode for each field automatically to display its content easily.

  • AC9BA747-F287-46FD-BEFA-31C8A62D0135@hawaii.rr.com 3rd Party

    $28 Geo Job Manager

    Geo Job Manager enhances search functionality of WP Job Manager and adds a “real” GEO location based job search.

  • auto-joib-suggest-cover 3rd Party

    $20 Auto Job Suggest

    Auto-suggests possible jobs for WP Job Manager as the user types,

  • job-manager-cover-blue 3rd Party

    $20 Auto Location

    Auto-suggests locations from Google Maps during search and job submission.

  • ninja-forms-apply 3rd Party

    Ninja Forms Apply

    Apply directly to Jobs (and Resumes if using Resume Manager) via a custom Ninja Form. Use any available Ninja Form fields to build a completely custom submission form.

  • gravityforms-apply 3rd Party

    Gravity Forms Apply

    Allow themes using the WP Job Manager plugin to apply via a defined Gravity Form.

  • predefined-regions 3rd Party

    Predefined Regions

    Add predefined regions to WP Job Manager submission form.

  • company-profiles 3rd Party

    Company Profiles

    Outputs a list of all companies that have submitted jobs with links to their listings and profile.

  • wp-job-manager-adsense-thumb 3rd Party

    $16 AdSense

    WP Job Manager AdSense allows you to add AdSense ads easily between job listings.

  • job-styles-cover 3rd Party

    $39 Job Styles

    Style WP Job Manager to match your theme.

  • job-colors 3rd Party

    Job Colors

    Change a job type’s color without editing CSS.

  • Restrict Content Pro Integration 3rd Party

    Restrict Content Pro Integration

    Limit job submissions through WP Job Manager to paid subscribers in Restrict Content Pro.

  • Product-Banner


    A Job Board WordPress Theme with full WP Job manager integration.