The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)

Building plugins is fun, especially the smaller ones. Today I thought it would be a good challenge to build one whilst documenting the process; I’m actually writing this post as I plan and build the plugin itself with the hope of having it finished by the end of the day. What am I building? AContinue reading “The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)”

Plugin development and the fear of change

Yesterday I was taken off guard with a comment/concern from an anonymous WooCommerce developer named “Jonathan”. Jonathan was annoyed at upcoming changes in the core WC plugin: Mike, one thing that strikes me about WC as compared to WP is stability of maintstay features and code structures. Notice that WP rarely breaks a site. HeContinue reading “Plugin development and the fear of change”

Use WordPress’ URL manipulation functions

WordPress comes with many useful functions developers can make use of in their plugins. Today we’ll look at the URL manipulation functions – add_query_arg and remove_query_arg, both part of WordPress core. add_query_arg Incredibly useful in plugin development, add_query_arg lets you reliably modify an existing URL by adding or changing it’s query arguments. So for example,Continue reading “Use WordPress’ URL manipulation functions”

Avoiding feature bloat in plugins

As a plugin developer, if you release a product (no matter how popular), its a given that over time you’ll receive an influx of feature requests; some user somewhere thinks your plugin should do X to better suit their own personal needs. Feature requests shouldn’t be dismissed as they can give valuable insight into yourContinue reading “Avoiding feature bloat in plugins”

Sensible script enqueuing for shortcodes

If you are making a WordPress plugin which uses a shortcode, and said shortcode needs some Javascript enqueued in order to function, it may be tempting to just whack the script in the wp_enqueue_scripts hook and be done with it. add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘enqueue_my_script’ ); function enqueue_my_script() { wp_enqueue_script( ‘script-name’, plugins_url( ‘/js/script.js’ , __FILE__ ), array(),Continue reading “Sensible script enqueuing for shortcodes”

A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress

I’ve just made a new plugin available (on github) that I’ve been working on to allow you to add and manage job listings on your WP site. It’s name; WP Job Manager. Features Allows admin to create job listings Frontend submission form supporting guests and registered users Jobs can be set to expire after X daysContinue reading “A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress”

The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin

A few months back I announced that the Download Monitor plugin was no longer being maintained. Why? Several reasons really: Dealing with daily support emails caused a massive headache Some of the code was embarrassing, and the plugin badly needed a rewrite.. ..but due to legacy this would have been messy and difficult The donationContinue reading “The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin”

add_menu_page supports decimal positions

When adding top level menu pages to WordPress admin (using add_menu_page) more often or not you’ll end up conflicting with other plugins. When two plugins share the same menu position, one is not shown: WARNING: if 2 menu items use the same position attribute, one of the items may be overwritten so that only one itemContinue reading “add_menu_page supports decimal positions”