Using Batocera Linux on a Picade Arcade Machine

I just finished building a Picade which works flawlessly with Retropie (a Linux based OS for retro gaming on Raspberry Pi). This is a smaller sibling to my big arcade machine also running on a Pi 🙂

If you’re wanting to use a different OS such as RecalBox or Batocera, it can be a little challenging to get working because the included Picade X Hat (which controls sound and the joystick) only has a setup script for Retropie. Officially, other distros are not supported.

I had been using Recalbox on my other arcade machine, but I wanted to try Batocera this time; I love its simplicity, UI, and the default themes look great!

Here are the steps I had to take to get it working with the Picade. This assumes you have a Mac, Raspberry Pi 4, and a USB keyboard for setup.

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I made a Super Mario Themed Nursery

Last year, before the birth of my first son, I was able to get creative and decorate the nursery. Being a huge fan of video games (and retro style graphics!) logically I chose a Super Mario theme for the room and set about making plans to create a large wall mural and other themed objects (as well as doing the boring adult stuff like flooring and painting the walls).

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