The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)

Building plugins is fun, especially the smaller ones. Today I thought it would be a good challenge to build one whilst documenting the process; I’m actually writing this post as I plan and build the plugin itself with the hope of having it finished by the end of the day. What am I building? AContinue reading “The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)”

Download Monitor, Legacy Importer & Page Addon officially released

Today I finally finished up and deployed “version 1” of the Download Monitor plugin. This is more of a re-release than an update, hence the version reset (which should also prevent automatic updates!). If you want to update from a legacy version of Download Monitor, after installing the new version you’ll need to also installContinue reading “Download Monitor, Legacy Importer & Page Addon officially released”

A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress

I’ve just made a new plugin available (on github) that I’ve been working on to allow you to add and manage job listings on your WP site. It’s name; WP Job Manager. Features Allows admin to create job listings Frontend submission form supporting guests and registered users Jobs can be set to expire after X daysContinue reading “A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress”

The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin

A few months back I announced that the Download Monitor plugin was no longer being maintained. Why? Several reasons really: Dealing with daily support emails caused a massive headache Some of the code was embarrassing, and the plugin badly needed a rewrite.. ..but due to legacy this would have been messy and difficult The donationContinue reading “The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin”

Released a small stats plugin for WordPress developers

Today I released a small (but hopefully handy) plugin called WP Page Load Stats which I created to help benchmark a few other plugins I’m working on. The plugin works on both admin and on the frontend and displays: Memory usage , peak and percent Page load time Average page load time The query count AveragesContinue reading “Released a small stats plugin for WordPress developers”