How we’re tackling GDPR in WooCommerce core — Apr 10, 2018

How we’re tackling GDPR in WooCommerce core

What we’re up to in WooCommerce land right now.

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Stronger rules on data protection from May 2018 mean citizens have more control over their data.

GDPR is coming, and we’re working hard to get new tools in WooCommerce core to help store owners comply. If you’re not familiar with GDPR yet, Hannah wrote a great introduction to GDPR on the main WooCommerce blog which you can read to get caught up.

It’s important to note that this new law doesn’t just apply to stores in the EU – this applies globally to stores that sell products to EU residents.

We’re currently building new tools into our upcoming 3.4 release to help store owners deal with GDPR requests and surface things such as privacy policies on the checkout. Some of the tools are built already, or are in progress, notably:

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