So I spoke at WordCamp Netherlands…

Last week I was lucky enough to attend WordCamp Netherlands in Utrecht, followed by a small WC team meetup in Amsterdam. It was great to talk about work, plan for the future, and meet new and old friends.

(Some of) Team WooCommerce in NL

Rather than just attend the WordCamp I was actually a speaker. I presented a talk on user onboarding for plugins, using WooCommerce and WP Job Manager as examples and explaining the benefits and importance of a good first time experience.

Big crowd. Yikes!

Being a bit of a sociophobe and as a first time speaker (!) I was extremely nervous. I’m still not quite sure how I managed to get the courage to do it, but a huge thanks to Barry for the encouragement, advice and support. 

Although I muddled my words somewhat, I think it went reasonably okay. You can watch my presentation below.

I’d love your feedback (both good and bad) if you watched my talk so I can improve in the future, assuming I ever talk again 🙂 Was it helpful? Did everything make sense? Did I waste 30 mins of your life?

Anyhow, thanks to all of those who attended!

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