Download Monitor, Legacy Importer & Page Addon officially released

Today I finally finished up and deployed “version 1” of the Download Monitor plugin. This is more of a re-release than an update, hence the version reset (which should also prevent automatic updates!).

If you want to update from a legacy version of Download Monitor, after installing the new version you’ll need to also install and run the Download Monitor Legacy Importer. This will handle migrating all of your data to the new format.

Showcase your download catalog
Showcase your download catalog
I’ve also re-released the page-addon as a separate plugin.

The page addon basically lets you add a [download_page] shortcode which lists all downloads on your site with categories, tags, pagination and searching. It also adds ‘single’ views for your downloads.

Because this used to be part of the main Download Monitor plugin, albeit not as good as it is now, I’ve made this a “Pay what you want” add-on so pay what you feel is fair πŸ™‚

I hope you all find these updates useful!

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13 thoughts on “Download Monitor, Legacy Importer & Page Addon officially released

  1. If you have just a static link from amazon or wherever it would work, but if you’r looking for something more advanced using their API then no.

  2. Mike,

    Is it possible to globally define download access to be for Members Only, rather than doing so on a file-by-file basis? Also, if this is somehow possible, could I define my own target url to redirect non-logged in visitors to?

  3. Your plugin is great and the add-on to display the downloads (which I bought), even more so.
    For future versions of the add-on, it would be great if you can implement a navigation system in alphabetical order by categories, using an index.

  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for the official plugin. I’ve been away for a while and just noticed that you released a v1. What’s best practice to upgrade from the old beta 4? Not really a support question, more of a best practice.

    I’m thinking just write over the old folder?

  5. Do you have Idea how to fix the download button on download monitor on page add-on [download_page] because it can’t download when I click the button.

  6. Really a big thanks for this wonderful plugin. I’m using it manage ~3000 files.

    But one issue is it creates blank downloads over time automatically. I have to delete these manually. Please refer to the pic and any solution is welcome.

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