I’m happy to announce I’ve finally flipped the switch on, a site which I’ve been working on for a few months now in my spare time. I felt it was about time that I had a better sales platform and a dedicated place for the plugin which has been steadily growing in popularity during the past year.

WP Job Manager download stats growth
WP Job Manager download stats growth

Up until now I’ve been selling add-ons via Gumroad. It’s a fun service, and it’s easy to use, but it lacks the flexibility I need. In particular I’m talking about licences. Without some kind of licencing system I have no way to verify a customer when it comes to updates and support, the sale is one off (something that’s not sustainable with this type of product), and I have no way to limit distribution of my plugins.

Its alive Therefore, I made the decision to switch over to WooCommerce (what else?) and have a proper marketplace for the plugin. Hosted on DigitalOcean and powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, is now live.

Let’s take a look at whats new.

Better docs

Docs are now organised into groups I’ve moved away from a GitHub wiki and put documentation on the new site to improve organisation, and make it much easier to add new documentation posts. Docs are now organised into groups as pictured. During the build I also took the time to rewrite much of the more popular documentation and add some new tutorials which should help new users and developers.

Plugin licences

It was always my intention to implement licences, but unfortunately Gumroad did not make this easy, nor did they support expiring download links. Now, powered by WooCommerce and a custom licencing plugin I built especially, I’ve implemented both personal and developer licences.

Licence cart buttons
Licence cart buttons

Licences entitle customers to support and updates for a year, and can be renewed for a discount when they expire via the account page.

A new add-on bundle

Something else that had a number of requests was a plugin bundle; this is something else I’ve introduced with the new site allowing customers to buy all core add-ons together at discount. Currently this is priced $99 for the personal licence and $199 for developers.

What about existing customers?

Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be importing past customers into the new system and emailing out licence keys. Until then updates will work as normal and served from the old api. Eventually I’ll update the versions on the old API to the versions with the licence key integration.

What’s next?

Now with the main part of the site is out of the way I have a few new plugins to finish off which have been on hold, and also I hope to eventually add a showcase for sites running WP Job Manager.





12 responses to “Launching”

  1. Hugh Lashbrooke avatar

    This is awesome Mike – the site looks really sweet. It’s just what I’ve been planning on doing for Seriously Simple Podcasting, but I just don’t know where to find the time. Nice work!

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Thanks Hugh!

  2. Daniel Espinoza avatar

    *High five* Mike! The site looks great, and well done serving your customers!

  3. Riaan Knoetze avatar
    Riaan Knoetze

    Awesome job (pun intended)!

    Any plans to add a marketplace that’ll work with your licensing api?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Possibly, but for now I’d prefer linking off site so I don’t have the support overhead.

  4. Hajar El Mouddene avatar
    Hajar El Mouddene

    Hi mike,

    Awesome plugin, I am about to purchase some addons ( your addons not the third party ones) for the plugin for this website I am working on. I have limited developping skills as I am self-taught if I need help will you be able to answer some questions. Where do I post the question? and what is the usual time frame to get an answer?

    Thank you in advance

    1. mikejolley avatar

      There is a support form on the job manager site. Support policy:

  5. Sebastien Dumont avatar
    Sebastien Dumont

    Amazing. A great example showing how to demonstrate a clean design to display your products with user friendly interactions. It is very engaging. I’m very interested in your custom licensing plugin. Any chance you will be sharing that in any way?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Uncertain of that at this time 🙂 Thanks

  6. SuperCharger avatar

    Hi mikejolley. I am a user of your job manager. I have issue of using your plugin now. So, I have posted a topic in to your wordpress plugin support. But a member call “FourLeafed” try to answer my question and want to access my wordpress backend. So he is support or not?

    1. mikejolley avatar

      Not official no.

  7. Carlos Flores Escamilla avatar
    Carlos Flores Escamilla

    Great plugin. Was wondering if its multisite compatible?

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