User onboarding for WordPress plugins slides #WCNL

Today I did a talk at WordCamp Netherlands on user onboarding for WordPress plugins. This was my first ever WordCamp talk and it was an interesting, but nerve-wracking, experience. My slides for the presentation are below. Thanks to everyone who attended, and I hope it was useful.!

User onboarding for WordPress plugins from mikejolley86

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I was at the talk, and I really enjoyed it. Gave me some inspiration for themes we develop for our B2B customers, and making them ‘know’ the theme and its functionalities without a 20 page manual. So thank you very much!

Really nice presentation, I have also learn a lot, It’s also explaining about UI, I like that line most…Put your self in user’s shoe and try your plugin or website before launch. Bookmarking your site 🙂

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