The Blogging for Benjamin contest concludes

This is the final day of Daniel Espinoza’s Blogging for Benjamin contest and I’m happy to say I managed to post every day in december – a great achievement. I covered a variety of topics including: 9 topics on WooCommerce 11 topics on plugin development in general 2 workflow related posts 3 posts on WordPressContinue reading “The Blogging for Benjamin contest concludes”

The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)

Building plugins is fun, especially the smaller ones. Today I thought it would be a good challenge to build one whilst documenting the process; I’m actually writing this post as I plan and build the plugin itself with the hope of having it finished by the end of the day. What am I building? AContinue reading “The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)”

My wishlist

Love it or hate it, if you make plugins and want any amount of exposure you are going to need to use – the exposure it provides (so your plugin is searchable via the WP dashboard), and the convenience of it’s plugin updates, make it necessary. I don’t dislike, but there are severalContinue reading “My wishlist”

The WooCommerce 2.1 notice API

If you’ve built a plugin for WooCommerce before you may have come across the ‘message’ functionality which let you add messages (or errors) to the frontend using: $woocommerce->add_message( ‘Hi there’ ) $woocommerce->add_error( ‘You bafoon’ ); Part of the development of WooCommerce 2.1 was refactoring the main WooCommerce class which involved moving out unrelated methods (suchContinue reading “The WooCommerce 2.1 notice API”

All I want for Xmas is a decent Markdown editor; MarkDrop vs iA Writer vs Byword

This month I’ve been blogging like a champ, every day. Not from WordPress admin though – I’m a markdown lover and I prefer dedicated apps. I’ve been experiementing with 3 apps in particular this month; Byword, MarkDrop, and the one I’ve used the longest; iAWriter. In this post I’ll review each and give my verdictContinue reading “All I want for Xmas is a decent Markdown editor; MarkDrop vs iA Writer vs Byword”

Using post status transitions to send custom alerts (in WP Job Manager)

Something I get asked a fair bit with regards to my plugins is how to send an alert during an event, for example, “when a job expires in WP Job Manager, how can I notify the user?” Plugins which use custom post types, like WP Job Manager, are likely to use custom/standard post statuses tooContinue reading “Using post status transitions to send custom alerts (in WP Job Manager)”

Plugin development and the fear of change

Yesterday I was taken off guard with a comment/concern from an anonymous WooCommerce developer named “Jonathan”. Jonathan was annoyed at upcoming changes in the core WC plugin: Mike, one thing that strikes me about WC as compared to WP is stability of maintstay features and code structures. Notice that WP rarely breaks a site. HeContinue reading “Plugin development and the fear of change”