Parting Ways with the Download Monitor Plugin

Download Monitor is old. Around 8 years old in fact and was one of the first plugins I made for WordPress, back in the time before custom post types and all the other luxuries developers enjoy today. It has been rewritten 4 times, seen well over 100 releases, and been downloaded 600,000 times. The latestContinue reading “Parting Ways with the Download Monitor Plugin”

Download Monitor, Legacy Importer & Page Addon officially released

Today I finally finished up and deployed “version 1” of the Download Monitor plugin. This is more of a re-release than an update, hence the version reset (which should also prevent automatic updates!). If you want to update from a legacy version of Download Monitor, after installing the new version you’ll need to also installContinue reading “Download Monitor, Legacy Importer & Page Addon officially released”

Download Monitor Legacy Importer (beta)

As mentioned in my previous post, the new Download Monitor plugin will be making full use of custom post types making legacy data unusable. To help with this I’ve created a new Legacy Importer plugin which will: Find old downloads/meta/tags/categories Convert them to the new format If left enabled, map shortcodes referencing the legacy IDsContinue reading “Download Monitor Legacy Importer (beta)”

The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin

A few months back I announced that the Download Monitor plugin was no longer being maintained. Why? Several reasons really: Dealing with daily support emails caused a massive headache Some of the code was embarrassing, and the plugin badly needed a rewrite.. ..but due to legacy this would have been messy and difficult The donationContinue reading “The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin”