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Red skull! The Rosette Nebula (NGC 2244). Stack of 20 exposures 3 minutes long at ISO 1600. Stacked in AstroPixelProcessor, and edited in Photoshop. I used a SkyWatcher Esprit 100 telescope on a HEQ 5 Pro tracking mount, and the Nikon z 50.

First attempt at the Pinwheel Galaxy, M33. Only managed to get 10 usable lights because of dew and clouds. Next time I’ll have a heater! 10x300s exposures at iso 1600.

Pleiades M45 last night. Moon was out, so hard to get detail! 🔭

Orion Nebula (stacked) made from ~30 exposures between 40s and 3 minutes, ISO 800. SkyWatcher Esprit 100 telescope. Nikon z 50. Much better than my last attempt.

Built a Lego table from old IKEA drawers.

Made some pumpkin jam this year. Tastes a bit like toffee. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

I guess we need a new dining room now. #mariolego

Swans. Picked up a cheap manual vintage lens (Nikkor 105mm f2.5) and it works well.

Andromeda (M31) taken last night. Stacked 15x5min exposures at iso800, tracked and using a SkyWatcher Esprit 100 telescope.

Gannet in flight. Difficult to focus; I need more practice. #bemptoncliffs