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Github to WordPress.org deploy script

Today I polished, documented, and open sourced a bash script I’ve been using to do plugin deployments from Github to WordPress.org (plus I wanted an excuse to use the new WordPress.com desktop app which is awesome by the way). It’s based on code Barry Kooij sent me a while back. You can find it here:


It handles Github tagging, removing junk files, and SVN tagging with minimal effort. It also has a quick checklist to stop you forgetting to set things in the readme.txt like the stable version (I’ve been guilty of forgetting this in the past).

Once downloaded to your machine, the script requires a Github access token, and a few edits to tell it which plugin you’re deploying.

After you’ve added the details specific to your project, you simply need to open it’s parent directory in terminal, and run the command:

sh release.sh

It then prompts you for a version, branch, and handles the deployment process.


The above demo is from a release of WP Job Manager I did today showing it working nicely. Hope it’s useful!