A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress

I’ve just made a new plugin available (on github) that I’ve been working on to allow you to add and manage job listings on your WP site. It’s name; WP Job Manager. Features Allows admin to create job listings Frontend submission form supporting guests and registered users Jobs can be set to expire after X daysContinue reading “A New Job Board Plugin for WordPress”

Download Monitor Legacy Importer (beta)

As mentioned in my previous post, the new Download Monitor plugin will be making full use of custom post types making legacy data unusable. To help with this I’ve created a new Legacy Importer plugin which will: Find old downloads/meta/tags/categories Convert them to the new format If left enabled, map shortcodes referencing the legacy IDsContinue reading “Download Monitor Legacy Importer (beta)”

The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin

A few months back I announced that the Download Monitor plugin was no longer being maintained. Why? Several reasons really: Dealing with daily support emails caused a massive headache Some of the code was embarrassing, and the plugin badly needed a rewrite.. ..but due to legacy this would have been messy and difficult The donationContinue reading “The New WordPress Download Monitor Plugin”

WooTrip Cape Town 2012

Last month WooThemes hosted their annual WooTrip. 16 staff, myself included, jetted in from all over the world (woo span 7 countries now) to meet up in Cape Town, South Africa (headquarters!) for a week of team building. After a gruelling 11 hour flight from Heathrow (my first time on a plane so it wasn’t a pleasant experience) James, Andrew, Coen, Dan and I landed firstContinue reading “WooTrip Cape Town 2012”

Released a small stats plugin for WordPress developers

Today I released a small (but hopefully handy) plugin called WP Page Load Stats which I created to help benchmark a few other plugins I’m working on. The plugin works on both admin and on the frontend and displays: Memory usage , peak and percent Page load time Average page load time The query count AveragesContinue reading “Released a small stats plugin for WordPress developers”

Off to WordCamp this weekend

This weekend I’ll be heading up north to Edinburgh for WordCamp UK, meeting fellow WooThemes colleagues James and Coen (Coen for the first time). This will be my second WordCamp following Portsmouth last year. Coen will be speaking about the State of WordPress & eCommerce in 2012 on the main stage which should be good. He’ll cover various eCommerce solutions (including WooCommerceContinue reading “Off to WordCamp this weekend”

Say hello to WooCommerce; simple, beautiful WordPress eCommerce

Today I’m proud to announce WooCommerce has arrived. Its been a tough week preparing it’s launch, and a busy month of development work but its all paid off. The WooThemes team, myself included, are incredibly excited by its completion and we hope it’s a hit with the WordPress community as a whole. WooCommerce is an openContinue reading “Say hello to WooCommerce; simple, beautiful WordPress eCommerce”

SupportPress has landed – a sweet support desk theme

Good news folks. SupportPress (created by myself and James Koster) is ready to download. It’s our second application style theme built in collaboration with WooThemes and I’m really excited to say that its finally available. The theme provides you with a completely self-hosted help desk and knowledgebase solution, all built upon the WordPress core. It functions similarly to popularContinue reading “SupportPress has landed – a sweet support desk theme”

So I decided to move my online home…

…and here we are. I’ve decided to simplify my online presence and change my domain from “Blue Anvil” to something more personal. I’ve spent a lot of time designing a minimalistic, more content focused site which is easier for me to update, and easier for you to find useful information. You may have noticed that I’veContinue reading “So I decided to move my online home…”