What I learnt whilst tackling the box packing problem for WooCommerce Shipping

Back in January we had several shipping methods for WooCommerce for getting quotes from APIs such as UPS, USPS and FedEx. Because these APIs expected ‘packages’ to quote on, it was necessary for items to be ‘packed’ into packages with a weight and dimensions. The original extensions attempted to pack items by attempting to stackContinue reading “What I learnt whilst tackling the box packing problem for WooCommerce Shipping”

Two zero zero zero zero zero zero

Wow, what a milestone. WooCommerce has today hit 2 million downloads, just 6 months after hitting a million. How did we get here? Team WooCommerce has grown from 2 to 11 employees over the past 2 years, we’ve made 63 releases, closed 3735 Github issues (out of 3779), and solved over 30k support tickets. SinceContinue reading “Two zero zero zero zero zero zero”

Deprecating plugin functions and hooks (and what we did in WooCommmerce)

Sometimes code needs to change; without doing so you can end up with a non-consistent, bloated mess. When changing things such as functions and hooks however, you do have to consider backwards compatibility so that code which relies on the old things doesn’t just stop breaking without explanation. In WooCommerce major releases we often haveContinue reading “Deprecating plugin functions and hooks (and what we did in WooCommmerce)”

RE: The WooCommerce ecosystem

Last week at WordSesh there was a session all about the WooCommerce ecosystem. If you missed it, you can view it below: Coen Jacobs also voiced his thoughts after being disconnected (#fail). Unfortunately, as a developer-hermit I didn’t take part in this session, but I would like to give my thoughts anyway so here goesContinue reading “RE: The WooCommerce ecosystem”

Apps I use during my daily workflow

I think it’s great to see what tools other people in your industry use day to day. You can learn new techniques, discover new apps, and improve your own workflow by looking. Coen Jacobs recently shared his setup, so I thought it would be good to share mine too. Even though pretty much we do theContinue reading “Apps I use during my daily workflow”

Tweaking the donation monitization model

Most developers agree the donation model isn’t great (giving the plugin away for free and requesting, not requiring, a small donation as a sign of support). Arguably the best alternative is freemium model (where you have a free plugin and build premium functionality plugins around it) which is growing in popularity and is used by plugins suchContinue reading “Tweaking the donation monitization model”

Plugin installation techniques; activation, deactivation and uninstall

If you are building a complex plugin, or one which needs it’s own database tables, you’ll likely be installing all kinds of things during activation or first run. Uninstalling your data however may be an after thought. In this post I’ll explain techniques you can use to install and remove your data to keep thingsContinue reading “Plugin installation techniques; activation, deactivation and uninstall”