The Blogging for Benjamin contest concludes

This is the final day of Daniel Espinoza’s Blogging for Benjamin contest and I’m happy to say I managed to post every day in december – a great achievement. I covered a variety of topics including: 9 topics on WooCommerce 11 topics on plugin development in general 2 workflow related posts 3 posts on WordPressContinue reading “The Blogging for Benjamin contest concludes”

The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)

Building plugins is fun, especially the smaller ones. Today I thought it would be a good challenge to build one whilst documenting the process; I’m actually writing this post as I plan and build the plugin itself with the hope of having it finished by the end of the day. What am I building? AContinue reading “The process of building a plugin (a one day challenge)”

My wishlist

Love it or hate it, if you make plugins and want any amount of exposure you are going to need to use – the exposure it provides (so your plugin is searchable via the WP dashboard), and the convenience of it’s plugin updates, make it necessary. I don’t dislike, but there are severalContinue reading “My wishlist”

The WooCommerce 2.1 notice API

If you’ve built a plugin for WooCommerce before you may have come across the ‘message’ functionality which let you add messages (or errors) to the frontend using: $woocommerce->add_message( ‘Hi there’ ) $woocommerce->add_error( ‘You bafoon’ ); Part of the development of WooCommerce 2.1 was refactoring the main WooCommerce class which involved moving out unrelated methods (suchContinue reading “The WooCommerce 2.1 notice API”

Plugin development and the fear of change

Yesterday I was taken off guard with a comment/concern from an anonymous WooCommerce developer named “Jonathan”. Jonathan was annoyed at upcoming changes in the core WC plugin: Mike, one thing that strikes me about WC as compared to WP is stability of maintstay features and code structures. Notice that WP rarely breaks a site. HeContinue reading “Plugin development and the fear of change”

Problems with cart sessions and WooCommerce

I was asked about WooCommerce’s session handling at WCEU (where I seized up; darn social phobia) so I thought it would be good to give a brief history of our handling of sessions, and how things are changing in 2.1. Cart sessions have been a long standing source of frustration in WooCommerce. To clarify, theContinue reading “Problems with cart sessions and WooCommerce”