• WooCommerce 2.0 has arrived

    4 months in development, we’ve finally released WooCommerce 2.0. Check it out ūüôā

  • WooTrip Cape Town 2012

    Last month WooThemes hosted their annual WooTrip.¬†16 staff, myself included, jetted in from all over the world (woo span 7 countries now) to meet up in¬†Cape Town, South¬†Africa¬†(headquarters!)¬†for a week of team building. After a¬†gruelling¬†11 hour flight from¬†Heathrow¬†(my first time on a plane so it wasn’t a¬†pleasant¬†experience) James, Andrew, Coen, Dan and I landed first…

  • WooCommerce is one year old – an infographic

  • Released a small stats plugin for WordPress developers

    Today I released a small (but hopefully handy) plugin called WP Page Load Stats which I created to help benchmark a few other plugins I’m working on. The plugin works on both admin and on the frontend and displays: Memory usage¬†, peak and percent Page load time Average page load time The query count Averages…

  • WooCommerce at WordCamp UK

    A brief post about our antics at WordCamp UK in Edinburgh.

  • Off to WordCamp this weekend

    This weekend I’ll be heading up north to Edinburgh for¬†WordCamp UK, meeting fellow WooThemes colleagues¬†James¬†and¬†Coen¬†(Coen for the first time). This will be my second WordCamp following Portsmouth last year. Coen will be speaking about the¬†State of WordPress &¬†eCommerce in 2012 on the main stage which should be good. He’ll cover various eCommerce solutions (including WooCommerce…

  • WooCommerce Episode 1.5.5: Return of the Ninja

    As well as a massive core update to WooCommerce itself (including drag and drop product sorting, extra theming settings and ShareYourCart integration) we’ve also released several plugins¬†including¬†PayPal Express, Force-Sells, and my own GoCardless gateway and Product CSV Import Suite.

  • The WooCommerce Xmas Bundle

    Don’t miss the offer we at WooThemes are running up to Christmas – 3 WooCommerce themes¬†and 8 extensions¬†(including Jay’s super cool responsive Argentum theme and¬†the ever popular table-rate shipping extension) for just $150. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to jump onto the WooCommerce bandwagon nows the time! I’d like to close with…

  • Say hello to WooCommerce; simple, beautiful WordPress eCommerce

    Today I’m proud to announce WooCommerce has arrived. Its been a tough week preparing it’s launch, and a busy month of development work but its all paid off. The WooThemes team, myself included, are incredibly¬†excited by its completion and we hope it’s a hit with the WordPress community as a whole. WooCommerce is an open…