Trip to Somerset

Some photos I took this month in Somerset, including Bristol Zoo, Longleat Safari, Glastonbury Abbey, and Brean Down.

Taken with a Nikon Z7, Sigma 24-105mm f/4, and 100-400mm f/5-6.3 lens via FTZ adapter.

I made a Super Mario Themed Nursery

Last year, before the birth of my first son, I was able to get creative and decorate the nursery. Being a huge fan of video games (and retro style graphics!) logically I chose a Super Mario theme for the room and set about making plans to create a large wall mural and other themed objects (as well as doing the boring adult stuff like flooring and painting the walls).

It took approximately 2 months to get everything completed, and a lot of that was lead time on the custom things I needed to order. I do wish I took more shots during the build, but alas I didn’t think I’d be blogging about it. Maybe next time!

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WooCommerce 3.3 – Hide uncategorized category from the shop page on the frontend

<?php // Do not include this if already open!
* Code goes in theme functions.php.
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_subcategories_args', 'custom_woocommerce_product_subcategories_args' );
function custom_woocommerce_product_subcategories_args( $args ) {
$args['exclude'] = get_option( 'default_product_cat' );
return $args;

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Small drop-in plugin to fix double-serialized product attributes (they are no longer double-unserialized in WC Core)

* Plugin Name: Double serialized attributes fixer
* Description: Adds a tool to fix double serialized attributes in WooCommerce.
* Version: 0.0.9
* Author: Mike J
* Requires at least: 4.4
* Tested up to: 4.7
if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) {
add_filter( 'woocommerce_debug_tools', 'double_serialized_attributes_fixer_tool' );
function double_serialized_attributes_fixer_tool( $tools ) {
$tools[ 'double_serialized_attributes_fixer' ] = array(
'name' => 'Double-serialized attributes',
'button' => 'Fix double-serialized attributes',
'desc' => 'This tool will attept to fix all double-serialized attributes for products.',
'callback' => 'double_serialized_attributes_fixer',
return $tools;
// Fixes double-serialised values – #14824.
function double_serialized_attributes_fixer() {
global $wpdb;
$product_ids = wp_parse_id_list( $wpdb->get_col( "SELECT ID FROM {$wpdb->posts} WHERE post_type = 'product';" ) );
foreach ( $product_ids as $product_id ) {
$attributes = get_post_meta( $product_id, '_product_attributes', true );
if ( is_serialized( $attributes ) ) {
$attributes = maybe_unserialize( $attributes );
update_post_meta( $product_id, '_product_attributes', $attributes );