Resolutions for 2014

With 2013 drawing to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming year and what I hope to accomplish. I didn’t set any resolutions for 2013, but this year I want to set myself some goals so I have something to work towards. Here are my four new year resolutions.

1. Learn a new language

In 2014 I’d like to learn either a new language or new cms; of course I love WordPress but it can’t hurt to branch out a bit and see what else is out there. I’m keen to try something like node.js, or learn backbone.js since that’s also now being used by WordPress. I haven’t decided what I want to learn yet for definite, but as long as I learn something new, this resolution will be met.

2. Improve code commenting

I’d like to improve my code commenting and get into the habit of commenting my code with more detail. Every function or method I write I will document with a proper doc block and a full description. This may slow down coding, but I think it will be worth it and benefit me, people reading my code, and the projects I work on.

I’d also like to ensure I give more detail when committing to github – this again should help others follow what I’m doing without guesswork.

3. Read more

I don’t read books these days – I think the last thing I read was a “choose your own adventure” book years ago. Next year I want to start reading more often, because I’m sure I’m missing out, and I want to stop looking at screens all day. One per month should be a good start, starting with “The Year without pants” kindly gifted to me for Christmas (thanks Brent). I may invest in a kindle as we’ll to make reading easier on the eyes than with the iPad.

4. Excercise daily

WooThemes recently sent us all Fitbit flexes, and by being consistently low ranking I’ve kinda seen how little I move around day to day. Next year I hope to excercise a little more, and walk my dogs more regularly before I become a blimp. I intend to walk the dogs every day, and walk for longer – that should help keep me a little more active, and keep my pups happy.






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  1. Daniel Espinoza avatar

    Great resolutions Mike! Here’s to a successful 2014!

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