Taking part in #WTBFB


This month I’ll be taking part in a friendly internal competition at Woothemes; the “Blogging for Benjamin” competition ran by our very own Daniel Espinoza.

Are you the next prolific WordPress writer? Are you the next Chris Lema, Tom McFarlin, Darren Rowse or Brian Krogsgard? Well now is the time to show your stuff!

Daniel is hoping that this will rekindle the WooThemes Team’s blogging mojo and help staff develop better writing and communication skills.

The rules of the competition are simple:

Write blog posts during the month of December and the top three ninjas with the most blog posts will win!

Everyone who takes part will be aiming to write a blog post each and every day during December (31 posts in total), with each post being a minimum of 300 words.

My main motivations will be to practice writing and stop hesitating when it’s time to hit “publish”. I’ve trashed so many drafts in the past over fear of criticism so with luck this competition will help me through that. Plus I need to beat Coen 🙂

Of course, its very likely I’ll be distracted by coding so this is going to be a huge challenge for me to stick with. If this post miraculously vanishes in a few days time, I failed. Daily reminder set.

What will I be blogging about?

I’ll be mainly trying to cover work related subjects that i’m enthusiastic about such as WooCommerce, Plugin development and my workflow, but I also think it would be fun to reflect on the past year and possibly blog about some personal things – thats the beauty of this competition — anything goes.

Follow the action

If you’d like to follow the team’s progress throughout the month, keep an eye on the #wtbfb hashtag on Twitter; all posts will be shared there.






One response to “Taking part in #WTBFB”

  1. Daniel Espinoza avatar

    Yes. Beat Coen. Rename this competition “Blogging to Beat Coen.”

    And thank you for using that picture. It shows how excited I am for this competition!!!

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