So I decided to move my online home…

…and here we are. I’ve decided to simplify my online presence and change my domain from “Blue Anvil” to something more personal. I’ve spent a lot of time designing a minimalistic, more content focused site which is easier for me to update, and easier for you to find useful information.

You may have noticed that I’ve gone for the Tumblr style of blogging; allowing for full posts but also accommodating smaller updates such as code snippets, quotes, and links. As well as that I’ll be showcasing projects I’m working on (such as the projects I’m doing in collaboration with WooThemes) and any interesting freelance work I do.

Some of your will also appreciate that I’ve spent some time improving the documentation for my plugins, rewriting bits and giving the docs a much more organised format. These will be available from the projects page and will be added over the coming weeks. Handy!

Blue Anvil will stay live for archive purposes, but I’ll be switching off comments and moving important content over here. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.




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