• Allow candidates to post resumes to your site, or create them manually

  • List resumes, restricting access to certain user roles if you wish

  • Allow certain user roles to contact candidate (via email)

  • Based on WP Job Manager making it developer friendly

Resume Manager lets you setup a lightweight resume posting site, built upon WP Job Manager. Being shortcode based, it can work with any theme (given a bit of CSS styling) and is really simple to setup.

The admin UI is very similar to WP Job Manager, listing submitted resumes and allowing admin to approve, edit and delete.

Frontend features include:


Filterable Resumes

The resumes shortcode outputs resumes in a list, proceeded by a search/filter form which is ajax powered (results are shown instantly). Access to resumes can be restricted using WordPress user capabilities.


Resume Submission

The resume submission form collects the candidates name and contact information, any websites they want to show off, education and employment.

The candidate can add as many items of education and experience as they want, including notes, name, dates and position/qualifications.

After submitting the form a preview is displayed. The preview matches the appearance of a live resume.

Submitted resumes can be edited or removed from the candidate dashboard, if the candidate is logged in.


Resume Display

Single resumes show all the collected data and also show a “contact” button which employers can click to view the email address to contact the candidate.

You can restrict who can view resumes and contact data user WordPress user capabilities.


Apply with a resume

If a job can be applied with via email, and the user is logged in and has a resume on file, you can allow them to apply to the job with their online resume. The employer will receive an email message including a link to the online resume which they will be able to view.

Purchasing/downloading this add-on will give you access to the plugin ZIP file which you can then install. From then on you will receive automatic updates for a year (there is no mechanism for tracking this yet, but it will be coming soon). Usage instructions are found in the documentation.

Purchase & Download ($39)